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Business Litigation

Business litigation is a practice area that is extremely important. Corporations and small businesses may need legal advice and assistance of various forms throughout time.  Matters of a legal nature should be taken care of by professionals who have the expertise to deal with the intricacies that are in place in business law. If you are seeking this type of assistance to create or negotiate contracts with employees, vendors or anyone else, or you have some other legal issues for which you need help, you can put your trust in M&K Attorneys, APC. We are ready and willing to take on cases concerning mergers and acquisitions, unfair competition, trade regulations and much more. Be sure to fill out the online form or call us to receive your consultation, which is available at no obligation.


Mergers and Acquisitions

Does your company plan on purchasing or selling a business? If you are interested in purchasing and acquiring new businesses, we can help you with that. We know that this can be a long, sometimes extremely complicated process that should not be entered into lightly. M&K Attorneys, APC offer a full range of services to make this process go as smoothly as possible for your company. There are many steps to undertake, most of which will be hard to understand if you have never dealt with them before. That is why we will certainly walk you through the process of structuring, negotiating, drafting up documentation, and closing deals.

Our law firm makes it easier to make these kinds of transactions. You deserve to have a stress-free experience in terms of arranging to acquire or merge businesses. That is exactly what you will have with M & K Attorneys, APC. Best of all, we will provide you with cost-effective legal services so that you can remain on budget, whether you are a strategic acquirer of companies, or you are conducting a merger with another company.

If you only want some basic legal advice to get you started or come back for during the process, you are entirely welcome to request it. However, we are a dedicated firm full of attorneys and various staff who will work hard to complete the entire transaction on your behalf. Should you wish to take on a task that is a bit more difficult to negotiate, it is important to have a reliable, successful legal team on your side.


Business Disputes

Whenever you have a partnership, you are taking a big risk. There always is the possibility that you will have some sort of disagreement over the terms of a contract, of how the business should be run, or some other crucial element that both parties share responsibility over.

If one of these disagreements is bad enough, it may require the partners have a third party assist them with coming to a compromise or iron out anything negative that has arisen legally between the parties. A competent and caring lawyer or legal team will go a long way to helping them fix any issues or do damage control. As long as there has not been any serious breach or legal trouble, it may be possible to handle it all without having to file an actual lawsuit. Mediation or arbitration just might be a viable option for you and your partner if this is the case.



If you want to avoid the expenses and stress that come with a lawsuit, and do not think it is necessary, you can opt for mediation. This will allow for a third party to listen to the details of the situation, and talks to the parties who are involved to get them to resolve the issues out of the court room. This should be someone who is entirely unbiased, such as a lawyer or other such professional who does not have any vested interest in either of the parties.

Cases that are of a civil nature rather than criminal are more commonly brought into mediation. Another great benefit of using mediation is that multiple issues may be worked on, instead of only the precipitating legal issue that would be resolved in a court of law. Also, mediation helps it to be resolved in a quick manner.



With arbitration, the parties work together to find the right arbitrator. This individual looks over all of the details and evidence, and then he or she issues a decision or award based on the findings. This must be confirmed by the court in order for it to be enforceable. This leaves it open for the losing party to request that the court vacate the decision. The similarities with mediation is that it makes it possible to come to a quick resolution and for the parties to not incur high expenses.


Fraud and Other Types of Misrepresentation

Misrepresentation covers quite a broad umbrella of charges. However, the underlying definition is that it is a false statement of material fact. It must be relied upon and for the party to suffer damages as a result of the misrepresentation. If it is part of a contract and the falsity can be proven, the contract is voidable. It can either be intentional or unintentional.

Fraud is a type of misrepresentation in which one party directly intends to deceive the other party. The elements that must be in place include that the party knew the statement was false, that this individual did not have a basis of making the statement, and that he or she did not have confidence of its truth at the time. The fraudulent statement may be rescinded to remedy the issue, or the party who is a victim to the fraud can file a claim to try to recover damages. This person has to prove that he or she suffered an economic injury.


Unfair Competition

If your company has had to deal with fraudulent and dishonest rivalry in trade and commerce, which often times means that one’s own products have been substituted for another in the market so that consumers are deceived. Some actions that would constitute unfair competition include false advertising and trademark infringement.

Here at M&K Attorneys, APC, we will stand by you with your business litigation matters. You should not attempt to go through with proceedings on your own before you talk to a legal professional about your options. Be sure to contact us right away when you have any contract issues to negotiate or other important business litigation issues to resolve.

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